While building the house, I’ve asked electricians to set-up several places in the house with larger flush-mounting enclosures. They preferred the Gewiss range, and for the tablets we used 6-Modules enclosures.

Each tablet-dedicated enclosure received power wires and an Ethernet cable. This way, I was able to connect the tablet to the dedicated control VLan and keep it out of the main WiFi network.

The power supply unit is installed inside the main distribution board, and it delivers 5V via the power wires the electrician installed for each tablet-dedicated enclosure. The PSU is a MeanWell DIN-rail mounted 5V unit.

Here is the BeagleBoard with its 4D Gen4 display adapter cape inside the flush-mounting enclosure: The BeagleBoard inside the enclosure

And here it is another one, mounted in a 4-Modules enclosure, with the display-ribbon attached, and the display mounted in its frame (more about it in a second): The BeagleBoard with the display ribbon

Please note that I prefered to solder the power supply wires to the board, to avoid the bulky barrel connector.

The display frame was custom ordered from Hornbach. They have the custom painting-frames service and we found there exactly the shape we wanted, for around 35 RON per tablet.

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