You may already have noticed: when the tablet starts-up, it automatically launches a graphical session, then launch a browser and point it to our Home Assistant instance. And there it will encounter the login page. Now, let’s get rid of this step and instruct HA to automatically login our tablet to the correct user.

We first need to ensure two things:

  • our tablet has a fixed IP address - for this step, please refer to your router’s DHCP settings. Let’s say, tablet’s fixed IP address will now be We’ll use this address as an example below, please be sure to replace with your own.
  • we create a dedicated HA user for our tablet

To create the dedicated user in HA:

  • Connect to HA from your regular device
  • Settings -> People -> Users -> click “ADD USER”

Fill-in the details like this:
  Display name: tab1
  Username: tab1
  Password: <whatever you want here, but do remember it>
  Check the option: “Can only log in from the local network”

Click Create then click the newly create user in the Users list and copy/paste the string following the label ID: at the top of the user information dialog. You’ll need it below.

Now edit the configuration.yaml file. I’m usually doing it via ssh. Locate the homeassistant: entry and adjust the authentication scheme like so:

  # ... your existing settings here, then add below
    - type: trusted_networks
        - <paste here the used ID from above>
      allow_bypass_login: true
    - type: homeassistant

IMPORTANT: don’t forget the very last line 10 adding the homeassistant auth provider, if not, you’ll break existing HA login. So, if you find yourself unable to login to HA from your usual device, then know the possible culprit :-)

Save the configuration.yaml file, then perform a ha core restart operation to activate the changes. Ensure you’re still able to login from your regular devices.

Finally, ssh into the tablet, and reboot it to get it to automatically login to HA.

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