KWallet for Plasma 5 now automatically migrates KDE4 wallets!

Next time you’ll start your updated Plasma 5 session’s KDE Wallet system, it’ll eventually start migrating your wallets. The precondition is that you’re doing that on a system that also has KDE4 and that you previously used that installation’s KDE Wallet system. If your system doesn’t have a KDE4 wallet daemon, then nothing will happen.

Simply follow the instructions of the wizard that’ll popup. If you accept the migration option, then for each of your existing KDE4 wallet you’ll be :
– prompted with a new Plasma 5 wallet creation wizard – that’ll eventually be the moment to switch to GPG wallets 😉
– eventually prompted for the old wallet’s password, it the old daemon didn’t had it already opened by some other KDE4 program.
The migration assistant will preserve wallet names and wallet internal structure.

As usual, do not hesitate to file bug reports if you encounter any problem!

A final note about those who installed KDE4 in a prefix that’s not /usr. Please ‘ln -s [your kwalletd location] /usr/bin/kwalletd’ in order to let the migration agent correctly find and start the KDE4 daemon. Without that, it’ll not trigger the migration. (yes, that’s a quick hack, but it works).

19 thoughts on “KWallet for Plasma 5 now automatically migrates KDE4 wallets!”

  • Mickaël Leduque says:

    Is this a one way migration, i.e. will the user still be able to use the kde4 wallet at a later time ?

    • @richard : well, for the migration wizard to trigger it must find an existing kde4 wallet, that is the corresponding kwalletd. So on a clean install you’ll want to temporarily install the kde4 wallet system.

  • @Valentin: I doubt that that is what Richard wants. Imagine for example that you buy a new notebook, copy your configuration, do a clean install of newest software (=KDE5) and you are forced to install KDE4 just to migrate your old data. This doesn’t make any sense. This should work in the “it just works” world and the developer responsibility (I am also a developer) is to find a way how to make it working. Please make the migration working without KDE4. Thanks.

    • @xin: well, in a perfect world the old wallet file should have been opened by kwalletd5 directly, without requiring a migration process whatsoever. in our case, something (that i don’t have the time to investigate) has changed in qt5 and the existing kwalletd code, when linked against it, is unable to correctly handle kwl files, hence the migration tool.

      so richard may want to export the wallet from the old kde4 system then import it. or maybe you could help me find the binary incompatibility which prevents kwalletd code, from kf5, to correctly handle the kde4 kwl files 🙂

  • I’m still running KDE4, but arch is seemingly using a mix for KDE now. I cancelled the migration wizzard with “do not prompt me again” – how do I manually start the migration?

    • Please folow these steps.

      First, close kwalletmanager and kwalletmanager5.

      1.Open the configuration file:

      2. Delete these two lines:

      3. Save the file

      4. kill the kwalletd5 daemone
      pkill kwalletd5

      5. restart your kwalletd5 system by reloading kwalletmanager5. The migration prompt will come back.

      • Worked, thanks. I had to open kate (which is qt5 version now) and access a remote file to trigger kwalletmanager5, but now it works fine.

      • THANK YOU !

        I had *ALL* my work related passwords in a kwl file that is a symlink to an encrypted folder in dropbox, which wasn’t mounted when did the upgrade to latest version, so migration never happened.

        You saved my life.

        Now I’m thinking to move all my stuff to keepass or something more stable (This is the second time kwallet makes me sweat and loose hours)

    • For me neither it said: Fehler -9 Lesefehler Vieleicht ist das Passwort nicht korrekt
      Error -9 Read error Perhaps the Password is incorrect….
      This is very annoying!

      • Well, it’s a pity it won’t work for you. Perhaps the code needs some adjustments. I’m no longer the KWallet maintainer, though. I won’t be able to help you on this one.

          • Hallo!
            The problem simply is that the migration touches the .salt files in ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet/ and then the password is not accepted. Is there any hope that I can retrieve my passwords although the directory has been touched?

  • On my system (upcoming Debian 9.0) the migration tool starts each time, when I login. There is not a single password migrated and kwalletrc contains only

    rd@blackbox:~$ cat .config/kwalletrc
    First Use=false

    i.e. no [Migration] entry. This makes me believe that the migration tool never completes successfully.

    Any ideas are welcome.

  • RainerDorsch says:

    The migration starts on my system everytime I log in, but never seems to complete. How can I find out if it crashes or what is the reason for the abort…

  • Rainer Dorsch says:

    Migration fails for me on an upgrade from Debian Jessie (8.x) to Stretch (upcoming 9.x). Migration starts at each login, but kwalletmanager5 does not see any of the entries for kwalletmanager from KDE4. I conclude that the migration process somehow aborts.

    Does anybody have an idea on how to debug this?

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