Oldies but goodies! Welcome back to VRCOM!

Yesterday I just created a new repository on github and pushed a new awesome library 😉 This library is an LGPL alternative to MS ATL Library. Yes, you read that correctly! I just pushed a library implementing a technology that’s more that 14 years old. I’m talking about Microsoft’s COM technology. I used to be an expert of that technology, back in 1999, and this library was my two cents about COM objects implementation in C++. See the readme file for more details of my motivations for writing this library. Please note that this library was successfully used in a production environment.

What pushed me to publish this? Well, it appears that Microsoft is slowly returning to COM. In my opinion WinRT is purely a new version of COM. That alone would not push me to create that repository. The trigger was someone on Google+ “C++ – Libraries & Frameworks” group asking if someone knew about an ATL alternative. And that started me. Why not help and share what I wrote at that time?

I managed to get on old CD with the sources, created the repo and directly pushed them. So, please expect them not to compile using modern MSVC. At that time I was a big fan of the templates (well, I still like them alot), a very new feature of the C++ language at that time. They were not clearly specified and the syntax varied heavily from one compiler to another. At that time I stick with MSVC compiler syntax. But I think that’ll be not so hard to adjust them for the current technology. I cannot do that myself, because I no longer use Windows nor I have MSVC on my computer. I only tried Visual C++ Express Edition in a virtual machine, but please accept I don’t plan to maintain this library. I published it only to help and lower the entry barrier for those who want an ATL alternative. And it would be awesome if someone there would update this library and maintain it. Just drop me a line and we’ll arrange for the commit rights on the github repository.

Here is the repository link for the VRCOM library : https://github.com/valir/vrcom

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